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Team Chicago: Playing the Beautiful Game

Mission Statement:

"To produce players and leaders who positively impact their teams and the world around them. To challenge learning and development through intellectual, technical, and physical rigor while providing ongoing individual feedback and support. To create technically and tactically sophisticated players for college, professional, and national teams in an environment that is fun, safe, ethical, and respectful."

At Team Chicago we don’t believe in flashy slogans or catchphrases, we focus on teaching our players and teams to play good soccer, push them to be their best and help them achieve their goals be it to play high school, college or beyond.  Our staff has experience at the highest levels of the game to help your player be their best and achieve their goals.  From the earliest ages we foster a relationship between each player and the ball.  As players age our emphasis shifts to how to play within a team structure, how the team should play and how to compete to win.

We have been successful over many years at producing teams that have competed and won at the local, regional and national level, and in producing players who have gone on to college programs at the NCAA DI, DII and DIII and NAIA level that fit their needs and aspirations athletically, academically, socially and geographically.

We play a possession based game, but we are not dogmatists.  Each game presents unique problems.  We develop intelligent/technically strong players that can solve problems through the ability to read/understand the game, adapt to changing circumstances, possess tactical flexibility and the technical proficiency to execute at a high level.


·      Patient possession-oriented soccer while looking for a route to goal

·      Play with rhythm and tempo shifts

·      Quick ball movement (passing, running w/ the ball, dribbling, crossing, finishing)

·      Use short, quick passing to lure opponents in, then use medium-to-long passes to exploit space in behind to create quality scoring chances

·      Play the percentages in attacking 1/3 (low whipped crosses, slot ball if 2v1 w/GK etc)

·      Zonal, ball-oriented team defending (position in relation to ball and teammates)

·      As many players around the ball as possible & whenever possible show into pressure

·      GKs who can play with their feet and organize the defense (sweeper-keepers)

·      Typically punting only for quick counters, to kill the clock at end of game, or if fore-checked




Team Chicago Soccer Club
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